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Research Spin-off of Public Utility

LUMI is a Societal Impact Company (SIS) with 100% social impact shares and recognized public utility status.


Operating at the intersection of psychology, education, and technology, LUMI was founded as a spin-off from the University of Luxembourg to translate research into practical applications and generate measurable social impact.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Lao Tzu

Our Story

From Research to Research Spin-off


LALA Early Literacy Intervention

Our journey commences with the development of the LALA Early Literacy Intervention, tested at the University of Luxembourg, which led to peer-reviewed scientific publications (Engel de Abreu, et al., 2020; Wealer, 2019).


MOLLY Oral Language Intervention

The POLILUX research project from the University of Luxembourg with the support of the FNR is instrumental in creating the MOLLY Oral Language Intervention, specifically designed to benefit children from language minorities.

2017 - 2018


FNR proof-of-concept grants enable University of Luxembourg scientists to explore the feasibility and potential of their new technologies and innovations to support children’s learning and development.


FNR Award for Outstanding Research-Driven Innovation

The LALA Early Literacy Intervention wins the prestigious FNR award for best research-driven innovation.


LALA and the Letters Educational App

FNR-supported research at the University of Luxembourg, aims to extend the benefits of the award-winning LALA intervention into the digital realm.


LUMI University of Luxembourg Spin-Off

Following a successful proof-of-concept evaluation, LUMI was founded with the objective of translating research into tangible real-world outcomes.



LUMI wins the StartupsVsCovid19 competition from the Luxembourg Government, supporting the development of innovative solutions to combat the social challenges precipitated by Covid-19.


TouchBase – Be.A.Social.Entrepreneur

LUMI is a joint winner of the TouchBase Social Entrepreneur Programme facilitated by the Social Business Incubator of the Luxembourg Government.


LUMI Societal Impact Company of Public Utility

LUMI is accredited as a SIS and Public Interest Organization by the Luxembourgish Government.


All Dag e Superheld

LUMI launches “All Dag a Superheld”, stemming from research on child mental health, aimed at fostering child wellbeing.


Partnerships and Community Initiatives

Several communes partner with LUMI to combat reading  difficulties.


Lala and the Letters Goes Live

With the support of philanthropic organizations, LUMI launches LALA and the Letters.

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