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Your contributions play a vital role in our mission to broaden learning opportunities for children from diverse backgrounds.


Our Pillars

The foundation of our work is rooted in research conducted at the University of Luxembourg, with invaluable support from the Luxembourg National Research Fund.

Foundational Support

We are especially grateful to our initial donors. Your belief in our vision from the early days has been crucial to our success in launching this impactful initiative.

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LUMI SIS was established to ensure the continual development and accessibility of our resources, directly benefiting vulnerable children. Operating independently from the University of Luxembourg, LUMI channels all revenue towards driving social impact. Your support is vital in helping us sustain and expand our mission.

SIS reconnue d'utilité publique

Support LUMI in Its Actions - Donations are Tax-Deductible

You can become a part of our mission by contributing through donations, grants, or other forms of support. As a societal impact company of public utility, approved under Agrément Ministériel No. 2023-11, donations made are tax deductible for the donor. To donate or inquire about supporting our cause, please contact us directly or consider a bank transfer.

VAGALUME Société d’Impact Sociétal
IBAN: LU47 0019 5455 3414 3000

Please send us a message at if you decide to donate, so that we can provide you with an official letter to make your donation fiscally deductible.