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At LUMI, we specialize in language development, early literacy, and emotional and cognitive growth in children.

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Fostering children’s language, reading development, and emotion regulation skills through partnerships with organizations.


Integrating evidence-based approaches into educational and childcare support systems to foster sustainable and effective learning.

Parents & Practitioners

Supporting children on their reading journey and fostering overall well-being by offering pedagogical resources to parents and practitioners.

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LALA Early Literacy

Foster the joy of learning to read with LALA!

Our LALA programme, along with the interactive learning app “LALA and the Letters”, immerses children in the enchanting world of reading.

Children explore the fundamentals of literacy and the magic of letters in a playful manner. With LALA, the journey of learning to read transforms into a fun adventure, where children can absorb knowledge through play and nurture their creativity.

The Science behind LALA

Dive into the scientific foundation of the LALA approach.

Acclaimed, Research-Driven Innovation

Find out more about the FNR award-winning innovation LALA.

LALA and the Letters Educational App

Take a glimpse inside the LALA-App.

The Scientific Principles that Make LALA and the Letters Special

The science behind the LALA-App.

Unlock a world of knowledge

All Dag e Superheld

Cultivate well-being and emotion regulation with ALL DAG E SUPERHELD!

Resources for professionals looking to integrate socio-emotional learning into your classroom or group activities and for parents seeking to support their child’s emotional development at home.


Encourage daily reflection and self-awareness, creating an interactive and supportive learning environment.


Help children navigate their emotions and understand what happens in the body and brain when they experience big emotions or stress.

Key Features

Mindfulness Journal
Resources for Professionals and Parents

Support children in becoming superheroes of their own emotions!

Cover - All Dag ee Superheld